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 Be Understood & Belong 


" It is not possible to educate the will and the healthy soul that underlies it unless we develop insights that awaken the energetic impulses in the soul and the will "

                                                                               Rudolf Steiner

Welcome to the GC School of Light

For many years I have believed in and maintained the vision of creating a space, a centre, a safe access point for all children and their parents alike regardless of age , who are searching and seeking for alternative answers and pathways, metaphysical and energetic knowledge, understanding , and all and any answers that reflect the energies of love, light and highest Truth that will assist their precious children to navigate a very new path never walked before in any previous lifetime.

 With the ever increasing number of awakening children we are Now witnessing, never before have we required such a space to be readily available and accessible to ALL as we do right Now. It is truly all about each unique soul.

Some heard the 'early call' to provide alternative based teaching options and programmes and or school but were governed by existing education models, policies and guidelines and were expected to remain and function within such. And so it remains.

On another level, the greater energetic and conscious awakening plan was also not fully ready and or able to be understood by many, but consciousness has Now transitioned with recent divinely guided accelerations of consciousness taking place within many souls globally. Such accelerations are designed at such times in order to truly support the number of children Now awakening and or those souls birthed of recent times in 'awakened' conscious states!

 Such accelerated consciousness and physical presentations are already very present and obvious within many children and their parents.  As the children 'awaken' they will be desperately seeking the 5th dimensional vibrations and understanding of Love and Truth from those already awakened with such knowledge and wisdom who will not only assist their walk through the lower denser vibrations of 4D they Now energetically exist within , but most importantly will offer them the greater wisdom and Truth they are seeking. Teachings based purely in unconditional love combined with the remembrance of vital alchemical and energetic skills, but most importantly I believe a sense for both parents and children of finally belonging and being understood within a like minded community that will support, nurture,and assist them on every level to simply Be.













What Will the G.C School of Light Offer Your Child ?

In no way is it my intention for the G.C School of Light to be a fully functioning educational centre or school 

My aim and heart filled purpose is not to represent, mirror or better any current alternative models of education, but instead operate as an extra-curricular option to current mainstream options. Much like a 'weekend language or cultural school', but instead an  'energy and light ' school.

The G.C.School of Light will offer both you and your child ;

  • a range of exciting energetic modalities, skills, techniques and practitioners to suit all as we evolve and expand such as visualisation, breathing, sounding and toning, tapping and more 

  •  We will Never provide a 'one size fits all 'mentality ever as every being is unique and individual with their skills and requirements for their purpose and journey. 

  • The needs of the child and their parents alike will provide us and steer us toward the types of information and sessions required and provided.

  • We will provide an open, honest, fun, safe and supportive environment and forum for all be it in physical or online presence. Wherever you are you are not alone nor isolated with current technological options 

  • We will provide a space or safety net of energetic Truth and Love for all who are;

  • .......having difficulty or struggling in any way with either mainstream education/ teachings and or health, or

  • .......who are known to demonstrate either energetic or spiritual skills and knowledge but who are seeking the guidance and or wisdom to support or nurture them, or

  • .......those who are seeking Truthful guidance and answers to all that they are thinking, feeling, and or experiencing within this sometimes harsh and dense world of existence.

  • We will allow and guide each and all to experience the safe and none invasive metaphysical tools to empower them self and discover the amazing world of energy available right Now to all 

  • A space of Oneness, Unity Consciousness and Equality for all without judgement, labelling, and or limitation.

  • We will assist each and all to be the best version of them self that they can possibly be

  • We will offer them a loving, honest and heart guided pathway to their true self mastery and authentic power  


             "In raising children, we need to continuously keep in mind how we can

               best create the most favourable environment for their imitative behaviour.                                 Everything done in the past regarding imitation must become more and

               more conscious and more and more connected with the future"

                                                                                                                     Rudolf Steiner



I am so excited and humbled to all who choose to connect and utilise this wonderful and most unique service.

I am truly both fortunate and blessed to be of service to all who hear the call 



Warmest Regards filled with Love, Light and Starry Blessings 

Maree Loprete

The Gold Coast School of Light Facilitator and Founder 




Maree's ability to communicate with children is totally amazing. She is able to empower children by giving them the skills that they will use for the rest of their lives and beyond. Her work is truly honest and transformational and the children get that 

                                                                                                                        Jane and Michael 2020