The Violet Flame

Known as 'the Freedom Flame' the Violet Flame is the one most important energetic tool you will ever need to remember! And it is and it does precisely just that - free you from all negative conditions.

The Violet Flame was last in conscious existence during the ancient time of Atlantis with a temple dedicated to the keeping of the flame in action. Many of us on earth right Now were present during the Atlantian times with many of us tending to and care takers of the Flame. I for one truly remember my role as a Priestess within the Amethyst Temple with one of my main soul purposes of this lifetime to ignite the remebrance of such a glorious power within as many souls who are ready to reclaim and utilise the incredible transformative and transmutative powers the Violet Flame offers us all once again.

The flame was graciously dispensed unto us once again during the 20th century from the great Karmic Board when it was noted how far from Grace we on earth had collectively 'fallen' and chosen to devolve our energies. This was not in agreement or alignment with the greater plan of our Father Mother Creator and so for the first time in thousands of years the Flame was re-ignited within the subconscious and or unconscious aspects of our psyche both collectively and at soul individual level.

The purpose intended in the gifting of the Violet Flame was to expedite the path and journey of each soul into the Truth and Higher remebrance of All that we had all contracted to prior to our current incarnation. 

Which is for each one of us to finally awaken to the Truth that we are indeed not our bodies  - the illusion we have all  created , but are in Truth wondrous Divine beings of light , sound, geometry and most importantly Love, created and birthed from the Heart/Mind of our Supreme Creator  - our Father Mother Source. Our 'bodies' merely the vessel of density to allow us to move and play the game that was 3D.  

As with all parents , they allow us to go and play and then tell us when it is time to come home.

And so it is with the game or the school of learning called Earth.

The Father Mother established a 'time frame' or cycle when the earth game would change and we would all be called upon to remember the contract that we agreed to and remember when it was such time to go home .

That 'time ' is Now. The official date of change was in fact the day after the 21/12/2012.

So What Is The Purpose of the Violet Flame ??

Simply to accelerate your path homeward!

The Violet Ray / Flame is the 7th Dimensional Amethyst (Purple)Ray combined with Love (Pink) giving the Violet colour.

The Amethyst Ray is all about magic, transformation and transmutation , alchemy, Merlins Ray! 

This true gift is all about raising every; cell subatomic to macroscopic, all chakras, meridiens, thought form, memory known and unknown, all levels of  consciousness through all lower bodies physical , mental ,emotional and etheric that you are into the highest vibration/ frequency  that you can hold and or maintain as you awaken to the Truth of who you truly are. 

In the past each one of us who incarnated to earth agreed to resolve all karmic aspects with all souls involved whilst also agreeing to work through and transmute all lower frequencies of all the lessons we have each created. phew !!

A lot of 'work'!!

As I said earlier, the planet was way behind where we had agreed to be in readiness for the end of the current earth game - we were literally once again on a cataclysmic path outcome for earth, the same catastrophic outcome we all created thousands of years ago in Atlantis.


When we meet in our dream states at night within the great temples on high,many of us were given the opportunity to change the course of our projected demise. We were asked on the collective level as to how we wished to go home?

Through death and destruction once again or through the graceful transition of awakening our hearts  and minds transforming our energies consciously?

As a soul collective we chose the path of grace 

To expedite the not so pleasant energies of a cataclysmic outcome, and to expedite each soul s personal path the Violet Flame was gifted for the first time in a very, very long time.

The intention to speed up each souls remembrance journey and the path of the Earth Mother Gaia toward the new intended home / game that is 5D!

The Violet flame to be utilised to transmute all lower thoughts, memories and timelines for all when intended and called forth by each and every one, so that from this point onward we would only have to work through our core lessons and teachings  only - and the precious gift that is the  Violet Flame transforming all else from our fields.!

Why wouldn't we want to utilise such a precious and time effective dispensation granted unto us ?


I personally have been using the Violet Flame every day - yes every day , rebooting it countless timnes a day since 1999

And I guarantee you all it works!

It will raise all lower frequencies up into your conscious reality in order for you to complete your game and utilise every moment as an opportunity to raise your frequency and through your God given free will see the patterns and traits and lower frequencies that have held you captive to fear based programmes, beliefs, emotions and situations. All  created by each one of us for the greater teaching and moment of awakening.

How incredible we each truly are.


As we awaken, breaking the energetic bonds that tie us to the past and all illusions the Violet Flame is what consumes all energies catapulting you to the next awaiting wondrous ever increasing love based vibration and reality.

Hence its name  - The Freedom Flame

Believe and so it shall be. Feel it, intend it, visualise it , know it. You simply cannot get it wrong. But just wait to see where it can take you and how it will transform both your being and your world !!