Growing with Gaia

I am so excited and blessed to be able to offer such important spiritual and alternative energy services and true healing practices to all women. My deepest knowing for some time is that I know I am here to assist all who may be experiencing either emotional, mental or physical concerns that may present either in conception, pregnancy and or the post partum stage. A most important inclusion and one I feel that has been unvoiced and at times forgotten is the safe space for healing to be created for all women who have experienced termination or miscarriage , their pregnancy and soul to be remembered, and or later gestational  loss be it in utero,  the birthing process and or following. 

Ones level and or knowledge of the 'spiritual' is unimportant in the greater picture, just an open loving heart and willingness is all one truly needs to move forward in any capacity. The rest is organic when we allow it to Be so

Following a long career as a Registered Nurse , Midwifery trained and mother to 3 Premature babies, I endured both depression and post partum depression following my first , I have miscarrried, and after my second was born I managed to navigate a new world of acute baby allergies and anaphylaxis. The above moments commencing 27 years ago, were pivotal to my heart both opening and continuing to heal and evolve as the deep inner reflections my soul was requiring of me to walk were the ultimate awakenings to my higher healing path and all energy and consciousness that I would Now love to offer you 

 My intention is only to guide and assist( not teach nor preach) all hearts who find me to and through their personal truth, supporting and nurturing all through the journey of ones healing path to a place within where either a higher hearts understanding, acceptance, surrender, peace and or joy is known deep within 

I intend to walk beside you as a guiding light simply illuminating the way again to your hearts Truth and knowing , and as a sister on your path who has walked in familiar yet different shoes throughout her journey ............  Maree