My Services


Each Consultation /  Healing is a unique and personal experience, an intuitively guided session as I Am directed specifically by each persons Higher Self.

All that is discussed and received on the day is in alignment with each persons highest divine will and good, is sacred and always held in confidence. No two sessions are ever exactly the same. 

Throughout the session you will receive any or all of the following; 

 NEW  2022 



  • Thinking of Conceiving, Ante Natal, Pregnancy, and Post Natal preparation and assistance



  • Guidance, higher Truth and loving support to assist you through your darkest days, and or painful memories of years past that has that still remains



Current Life Discussion 

Visualisation/ Meditation

Sounding / Toning / Tuning Forks / Polyharmonic Voice Toning

Essential Oils

Crystal or Bush Flower Essences

Energetic  Chakra Clearing  / Rebalance

Discovering and Implementing new Energetic Skills

Re-balancing and Deep Conscious Understanding of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energy  systems 

Inner child integration                                                                  

Cellular / DNA Energetic Shifts/Realignment                  

Cellular and Personal Transformation

Cellular and Conscious Activation to the Higher energies of the Christed Ones, Ascended Masters, the Archangelics and Angelics, Devas and Elementals of Gaia and the Earth  Mother herself and many many blessed others.

I guarantee you will feel lighter, and clearer following all sessions with a new found sense of clarity and purpose 


All Sessions are held via either;

One on One

Facebook Messenger

 Zoom Webinar Platform ( International Clients )

Investment for Personal Transformation


1 Hour Consultation $100

1.5 Hour Consultation$120

2 Hour Consultation $150



......."From the moment I met Maree again, she has been inviting and supportive. She's allowed me to grow and discard old patterns and baggage without judgement but with love and support.

Maree speaks with wisdom and sense and her words often will mirror my own thoughts and those of other wisdom speakers that I admire.

What Maree can do with her voice and breath blows me away every time. It's like the whisper of the universe moving through you.

Her healing's are unique and incredibly special and I would highly recommend to anyone who is willing to grow and let go."

Tracie Stewart  Gold Coast

......."Maree changed my life.

I came to her in a state of severe depression due to post natal depression. Her ability to get right to the issues and her amazing treatments had me back on track rapidly.

I had been to see previously so many psychologists but Maree's treatments hold.

She has the ability to change you in deep long and lasting ways. Not just the band aids I was use to receiving."

Kerry O'Brien   Coffs Harbour 

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photo-Keegan House Meditation.jpg

Image by House

Meditation is a vital part to your Awakening Journey and in every day life.

It can take much practice for many of us and will for most to achieve the peaceful state of mind within we are hoping for.

" True meditation has no direction or goal. It is pure wordless surrender, pure silent prayer " 


 It's not just about seeing imagery, angels, the future or the past in your mind, I believe it's about the discovery and allowing process of actually being able to still your mind and clear your busy head from incessant chatter,  and that truly might be all you need.

If however, you're wanting to expand into the deepest depths of self healing, past lifetimes, discovering answers to current issues and layers of deep beliefs and consciousness patterns  you never thought possible or that even existed, then meditation is definately the path for you

Who Can Meditation Benefit?


Meditation is ideal for any adult or child experiencing any of the following  symptoms or disorders



Depression( depassion)


All illnesses / Disease states

Maternal Child Loss

All forms of Loss

For General Peace , Personal and Spiritual Expansion

So what's on offer? 

I offer a wide range of  visualisation ,meditation and channelling in Divine Highest Good and Timing.

Meditation options plus energetic skills available are as follows;

One to One                                          

Group /Circle       

You Tube  Channel Uploads     


Live Streams via Facebook

Webinar Presentations / Download Purchases     


Webinar Courses and Free Webinar Presentations as Advertised


Personal Investment

30 minutes $45 

45 minutes $70 

1 hour $100 

Groups 4 plus 45 mins  $35pp 


All sessions are via either;

One on One / Group / Workshop or 

Zoom Platform or

Facebook Messenger 


Why not check out one of my meditations right here and see how it feels or resonates to you ? 


........"Maree's meditation videos are transformative for me. Each time I replay them I go deeper into the experience"

Ray, Sydney


A safe on line circle community with like minded souls walking their journey and all that comes with that too, just like you.

A space where you can come and go as you feel to simply Be, learn, share , ask questions , gain guidance ,refuel and recharge your energetic self.

Held : 1st Sunday evening of every month via the Zoom platform. Head over to the What's On page for the  next session being held.


Time :  7pm - 8.30pm EST (Queensland)  


Investment:     $25 pp


Registration :

Essential and Via the Contact page on this website.

Upon Registration and Payment the link to the webinar platform will be emailed directly to you 

Free download of the Zoom App is required in order to be able to join in and access the circle


  "..........I was initially very hesitant to join the Sacred Circle (hello ego! but I am so glad I                       jumped in!  The Sacred Circle has been a really beautiful space to receive support                               from like minded people, to be safely vulnerable, and to receive invaluable insight                               and guidance from Maree. I always leave these gatherings feeling clearer, more                                     aligned and at peace, and completely understood! "


 Teegan Hughes NSW

John Schnobrich Online image.jpg

Sessions are available via either;

One on One

Facebook Messenger or

Zoom Platform ( Free Zoom App must be Downloaded to participate)

Personal Investment: 

30 minutes  $50

1 Hour       $100

Live Streamed Free Readings are also available on my Facebook Page; 

Love , Light and Alchemy on the first and third Monday of each month. Approximately 10-15 min duration per person as my give away.

       Live Facebook Reading

........."I had the absolute pleasure of bring gifted a session with Maree and boy oh boy has it been the gift that keeps on giving. Since then I frequently follow her live readings and have found no matter if you actively participate or just sit listening on the sidelines that there is always a message to be heard and inspiration that seems to follow that. 

I also highly recommend the Sacred Circles she offers too ..... a safe and loving space to share and learn from "

Elisa J Axisa    Gold Coast