You're not here to find yourself , you're not lost!

You're not a piece of jewellery, or any item that's gone missing. You are on a journey of unlearning, releasing innacurate information that you've been told or to believe in this life and all lifetimes in order to actually reclaim your true divine self.

Oh my goodness yes !

How true are these words we all must now allow and accept.

We have never been lost. We have all chosen to play this earth game (again) choosing prior to our incarnation to forget (again) in order to test ourselves in our abilities of remembrance !

Sounds crazy but we are all in Truth maverick souls choosing to play a most difficult game that many other dimensional souls have never had the chance to play.

We have all created the most dense energetic environment of all the cosmic corridors with the intention Now to complete the ‘forget’ game and Now consciously awaken to all that we truthfully are - majestic beings of light and sound from multidimensional zones within the multi universal and galactic regions.

Everyone in physical you have ever met , seen , ‘played with’ so to speak , anyone who enters your vision and field you merely have vibrational match with.

Certain players ( many your closest soul family members) you have chosen to come and be the big teaching mirrors in order to ‘cryptically and paradoxically ‘ give you the moment or many moments of opportunity to see through the game and eventually wake up. Those souls also you have played many times with over lifetimes choosing either the persecution and or persecuted roles between you and this time you are now reconciling your karmic connecting energies 😉💜

Now is the hour !

The game is Now completing which is why the world and everything appears ass up - but is it???

Everyone on earth - yes everyone , is playing their role in the greater wake up picture.

We just haven’t been trained to be aware of such least of all see that.

We chose a world game of duality to experience the so called good and bad in order to feel and experience and expand our consciousness within all levels.

We actually took it further than originally planned. 🤦‍♀️

And now we are in the return to memory of Truth phase. And in order to remember the Truth we are letting a whole heap of lies , programmes and false beliefs go all governed by our Higher Self. And for many this is and can be a very rapid and daunting experience.

The death cycle to awakening ( a paradox in itself) is not easy due to the fear based ego we have all created. The lower ego fears death in all ways and will attempt to prevent it in any way it can for its supposed survival.

We are all Now dropping the stories that are not heart or love based in truth.

Fear is being pushed to the surface in all ways because we asked for it , and we have chosen to awaken through conscious recognition.

All our energies are to be experienced and reconciled and transmuted. So are sorted easily and it’s the core teachings we must be conscious to.

Lower ego wants you to feel lost, disconnected , depressed , anxious , angry , blaming , unforgiving and all things fearful. In those frequencies it controls you absolutely maintaining you under self imposed lock and key.

It doesn’t want you to realise , accept , understand , allow and forgive !

But we must.

We are love absolute merely overlaid by a few outer layers of misconstrued truths and perceptions that we allowed.

That’s all.

But the game is We , yes all of us Now must peel off the untruths , cut through the gamete of personal and global lies in order to remember what we signed up for.

If we don’t get it here , we will across the veils.

All is ok.

Trust - there is such a greater magnificent picture!

We’ve got this 😉👍

Breathe and allow ....... 💜💗🧘‍♀️

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