Who am I?? I Am that I Am !

These are times where we are are being pushed well outside our comfort zones. We are all being challenged by much. The best sentence we can say to our self and the universe is 'I don't know who I am anymore?!'

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

I Am that I Am.

The most powerful sound we can speak !

Upon this new moon in Aries the energies are all about moving forward.

To move forward the cycles of life as we know it and time are about death and rebirth.......

All death cycles no matter how big or small , conscious or not , are about the energies deep within you being shattered , and deconstructed in order for a greater shift and reordering into higher frequencies and your higher good.

These energetic moments are felt through your emotional feeling body. How we interpret these feelings is purely dependent upon our true belief programmes and frequency reference points.

The more enlightened ( love 💕 quotients ) we are and hold and emanate the easier and faster we transit through.

The more fear quotients we hold the ‘appearance’ that things are more painful or difficult occurs as we default instantly back into our self created highly aligned to lower ego beliefs that simply fears all death and change.


It must be in control at all times! Hmmm Any mirrors there???

All great shifts within challenge our sense of being in or out of control and in that state our vulnerability rises within offering us a moment (or longer ) of non control - opening ourself to the unknowing and in Truth a space where the greater good can take charge. 🙏💫💗

As humans there is a deeply held belief that vulnerability is a less than quality.

What a untruth ! Only true to the lower ego

It is the moment where all defences of control are down , the unknowing state a moment in truth of opportunity. ! A state when In not knowing or controlling you are open and the greater good that you are equally can come forward and be felt and recognised 🙌yayyy

To surrender however and not know anymore who you are , what you are , what this life is about anymore is one of the greatest things to feel and experience.

We are not who we think we are! You are not who you see in the mirror every day , nor are those around you. We are sooo much more !!! We are spirit redefining , awakening and reclaiming many parts of ourself as we die to parts that no longer resonate within us and most certainly DO NOT serve us any longer.

And we are all ok. 😉👍


Our resistance to such presents in the persistence of what we truly don’t want or all we are attempting to control our world and being away from.

Ahhhh the great paradox that is life and Spirit.

The new moon allows for us to come into greater balance of our light and shadow , masculine and feminine as the sun and moon on a new moon appear and are aligned.

It’s a cyclical and wonderful moment of simply being and allowing and feeling what’s riding within you for the rebalance.

In the willingness to be and go to your deep within their waits great seeds of inspiration awaiting for you to feel and intuit and then choose or not to plant or take action toward.

Enjoy this wondrous opportunity however that be for you. And simply allow , accept and be through all that is presenting / you are creating , as best you can. 💜💫💗🗡💙

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