When everything seems to be falling apart it actually just might be falling into place !

When our soul steps up and into action it simply takes over (oh yeah you aren't actually in control), it begins to dissolve energetic matrices of old beliefs and thought paradigms that no longer serve you on your ever expanding journey. As the matrices of energies begin to break down deep within us , life gets messy and chaotic equally on the outside as your wake up calling card.

These words are a must to be remembered and acknowledged as fast as you consciously are able to.

When we keep bringing ourself back to the Truth that we are energy first and foremost and not the physical self we have created and see every day , then we can more easily believe these words.

It takes effort and practice to change deeply embedded old patterns of beliefs and thoughts that are well aligned to your lower ego. And as I’ve said before our true soul tests aren’t on easy stuff- we may start there as a practice run , but when we are truly evolving we will be creating far greater tests of self resolve , faith and trust in all that is unseen.

It’s those greater tests where ‘things’ appear to be very messy , fearful , painful , scary ,chaotic , distressing , where the world feels like it’s falling apart and so do you ..... and it is. It’s supposed to and it has to.

As the Light is accessing you more and more through your choice and will or subconscious it must find every atom or cell to it can to engage with and accelerate. The higher spin action literally pushes the old energy belief / frequency to your conscious reality. Some more than others. Imagine this happening thousandfold.

As the old is literally under fire 🔥 it breaks down in energy - energy appears messy and chaotic as those atoms are releasing and that’s what is precisely presenting within and before you. That’s the inner confusion. The light needs a space to align with in you ! Lower ego most definitely doesn’t want this - it fears change and the Light. So it goes into battle creating your doubt confusion and chaos. It will do everything within you to prevent or delay the change 🤦‍♀️

In those moments we instantly align to the well instilled and alignments of belief we created and have known for longer and they are always fear based - lower consciousness. In fear being released and raised energetically within us we default instantly to what has been tried and supposedly fact. Aligning away from what we have been breaking free from Even some of the greatest spiritual faces of this new age have made their fear known very clearly and aligned to it publicly justifying it away in the moment trust me.

Now that was a great moment of true awakening for me. Realising not to put people on pedastels but trusting in me !

Our fear regardless of what we think were saying , or how positive we think we are trying to be , fear equals resistance to energetic flow. And therein lies your mess.

The ultimate test for us all is to find our way as we can to 1 recognise what’s actually happening. 2 accept the moment / situation - even by saying you can’t or are having difficulty 3 . breathe 4 . recognise your fear and or doubt - Violet Flame ! 5 .cut your ties 6 .launch your prayer of what you want not what you don’t want 7. Believe and allow. 8. Find your faith and trust 9. Truly surrender.

Then watch. Remove all time and expectation / constraints. Be as open and as willing and as patient as you can. Keep feeling your doubt and simply get on top of it.

Then watch .......!!

The messy energies eventually resolve their way into new and higher frequency patterns and a new vista is dawned 🙏if we allow

Trust yourself. You’ve got this! And it’s all going to be ok. 😉💜

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