We are the elements of Fire, Air, Earth and Water and they influence us in all ways !

The elements are the root of all that we are. We were formed from them. They are our essence in Truth. Their importance and their actions within us all often sadly forgotten throughout time. We can learn so much about our self from our elemental frequencies and how they impact our being and world and we can learn to make adjustments accordingly.

As the perfected human being we are all becoming and we are all underway in the greatest rebalance in such ever to take place throughout all time and space through Conscious remembrance and action.

Like the planetary astrological influences we each chose at soul level to oversee this walk this lifetime , we also chose in conjunction with the astrological the particular elemental aspects / patterns that our soul required greatest re-

Photo by Marc Szetlag

balance with from previous lifetimes or that would afford us the opportunity for greater lessons and expansion of our soul.

I’m sure we can all remember or know of those who we’ve met over time where we have recognised or labelled them as either ‘ heady , emotional , fiery , stubborn as a rock , airy fairy or off with the fairies , passionate , needs grounding , earthy , angry ‘ etc. Such observations we are actually recognising the predominant element that they are distinctly displaying or that is governing them within that moment. Or reflecting 😉

We too display such and they will vary throughout certain periods and episodes of our lifetime.

When we are really out of ‘balance ‘ perhaps it’s time to start looking for or to the element that we can pinpoint to help us assist or reclaim our balance?

What type of person annoys you ? Hmmmm there’s a starting point for balance.

The practical logical no nonsense ‘air’ is very frustrated by the the procrastinator , airy fairy , sit on the fence ‘air’ opposite. Both mirroring balance according to the degree of imbalance.

For example.

I’m a Scorpio - I’m not an astrologist so I don’t know all my ascendants or risings - I leave that to the souls who do and I utilise their gifts as is necessary.

What I do know is that Scorpio is a water sign.

Water is emotion.

As with everything in life there are complementary opposites. And so too here.

As souls we choose to experience either the positive , and or the negative aspects of the astrological sign we chose - the timing and date of our arrival paramount for the game to play out. No right or wrongs here , just choices in order to discover and make re-balance within.

Succinctly , my life I can clearly see how emotions ran my world. I chose my mother and grandmother - all Scorpio’s and we all chose to work through and clear the negative Scorpio - the shadow. Our waters were well out of balance ! ( I chose my father - a Taurus bull , earthy , my sister a Virgo. Both of them displayed great fiery ability and moments to Mum and my watery very passive personalities. We feared the fire often and shut it down through our silence. )

I can clearly see how we women were all greatly fearful , lack of flow in all areas , depressive personalities , lack of passion , manipulative , suspicious , secretive , held onto stuff , replayed , intuitive but feared and squashed and denied big time and so on. Powerless in truth but our need to counter all this and pretend to be in control was the face we all showed to the world. Our masculine in great fear - controlling , our divine feminine no where in sight. So we created accordingly with this element for years and years.

Fortunately I chose to awaken and to heal and cease the lineage patterning.

Complementary as I said earlier to the water element is fire 🔥 the passion , the drive , the resilience, strength the positive masculine - none of which I had.

As a child I had so many port unities and was very good at many things from academia to sport. But now in hindsight , I clearly see how I feared success and being good so much through my fears , any chance of my fire element creating such greatness I allowed my water element to put out every fire every time - and I did it through becoming sick. Creating illness - my self sabotage stopping it all in its tracks. Sickness always my excuse not to go back to whatever was on offer for the shift. 🤦‍♀️

The day I awoke to the truth that my water 💦 element was always putting out my fire was the day I saw clearly what my consciousness was doing on yet another level. Understanding more of who I truly am and how I am creating.

It was empowering yet again literally to see how this elemental out of balance thought system ruled my being. And I was the only one to alter the direction. It gave me such clarity and something tangible to work through and with myself.

So then I looked at my head of which I had many unruly thoughts. The Air element. It too out of whack and driven by my emotional water. I was always in my head. The earth I always struggled with. I use to hate putting my feet on the earth. Now there was a huge clue as one day I realised I always walked with my ties crunched not relaxed and realised deep within I just didn’t want to be here on the earth. I always looked to the stars - air , wanting , knowing to go home. 🙏

And so it became a conscious awareness from then on as to which element I was predominantly displaying and daring to seek my rebalance.

Hell I even married a Leo ! And one who displays strong positive qualities of fire 🔥- a great test and mirror to me in both the negative and the positive. At first I succumbed to the fire , becoming even more powerless , not him by the way all my stuff , and then from the moment of my true awakening started to reclaim and see the qualities he was offering to me for my rebalance , and me to him also. 😉

And so the game of life is ...... simply about rebalancing all that we truthfully are.

The Elements of positive and shadow , masculine and feminine.

And now we have the 5th element in play - ether ! Our beautiful divine spirit to remember align and integrate consciously once again with also.

Aren’t we just simply magnificent to even create one tiny aspect of who we truly are and what we are capable of ???!!!!!

Time to get to it.

Discover who you really are.

Because I can tell you - you are NOT that person you see in the mirror every day.

We are sooooo much more. 🙏💗💫💫💫

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