The Truth Will Set You Free Part 3 Conclusion

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Part 3 Conclusion ! ( heads up long again get a cuppa lol 😉)

So how do we recognise moments of Truth presenting for us ? How do we know when to speak ? How do we discern the Truth of our heart vs the supposed truth / words of the lower ego ?

Hmmmm ?? 🤔

Truthfully every situation , person we encounter is not random ever. The laws of attraction bring us together in every moment. It’s so easy when we’re of like frequency and everything’s great right ?

But to truly move forward on our path we must now know we are energetic beings first and foremost and our physical walk is the holographic quantum illusion that we have all individually and collectively created in order to experience all ‘ human ‘ lower ego aspects. It is just a shell. Not solid at all. We are in Truth not the person we have come to recognise as us.

That is the Truth.

Knowing this Truth absolutely helps each of us to understand then as to the how and why difficult presentations and situations present within our lifetime.

We create them as our teaching and expansion opportunities, soul / higher self creations to consciously confront all the lower frequencies (fear) that exist within our multidimensional fields of energy and consciously transmute them back into higher ( love ) and heart based frequencies. Simply knowing and understanding this allows us to detach and remove our energies from emotions and reaction states which are riddled and created from and with fear !

As I said in part 1 - the more we challenge ourselves and the more lower frequency thought and behavioural traits we transmute , the more adamantine ‘diamond like ‘particles we release from our cells. The more diamond like particles we hold and emit and the greater and more light we reflect out into the world.

Key !🔑 Diamonds don’t shine - diamonds REFLECT!!!!! Get it the mirror , reflections ! Life!! It’s through these particles within we reflect in all ways to each other. Some of our vibrations bring lighter and higher than others.

So all we are doing through our vibrations is bringing souls of like frequencies into our world. Fullstop. Any ‘difficulty ‘ is a Karmic moment for energetic Re-balance and ultimate freedom.

Here lies ‘the truth will set you free ‘moment. !!!!

The frequency will be either identical , opposite or any where in between.

Truth - we have all played the persecuted and the persecutor in many lifetimes. Again we are attracting all souls for ultimate Re-balance.

These are Completion times as the new earth wont support any Lower frequencies !!

We simply cannot lie or hide anything from ourself or any other being any more. Love illuminates all shadow frequencies.

The more you try the more amplified the reflection from others and into yourself. You simply cannot run or hide from you !

The difficult presentations you create are your greatest teaching opportunities. And they can be layers of truth to discover ! It’s never a one way mirror / reflection , always a dual teaching moment. But all you need to be concerned about is you 😉😳!

The other party (ies) , their souls journey is theirs and no one is better or less than at soul level!! Please remember this Truth. 🙏

Soul first - personality / ego second.

We are not our personality - it is the egos vehicle. Ego will always want to always project every challenge or difficulty away from itself as it Fears must protect itself from all Truth that is Love as we now know it to be. It will either hide , defend or attack in order keep its energy safe.


My week as an example for you to understand.

We’ve been in the throes of purchasing a house in Qld. Late Sunday the agent rang saying it was back on the table. She asked if we were still ea ring to submit original offer - yes.

Then she rang asking to pop in - agreed.

In the conversation she had a contract - stating in Qld this was the easiest way to submit the offer as it gave clout and the owners would see we’re serious. We could pull out no problems. We queried , we didn’t know truthfully ,questioned , all very foreign to what we’d ever done in nsw. We said we wanted to negotiate - no prob. She said it would take days as it was a divorce settlement and ‘he’ was hard to get hold of.

The next night I got a phone call from her congratulating me we now owned the house !

My gut went crazy!! I felt sick and nauseated and confused instantly. I was told I had 5 days as a cool off and she hung up.

Truthfully my head went spinning - and first thing I did was contact my husband. We were confused and annoyed to say the least. I felt such anger I normally don’t feel. It was quite overwhelming and I was so aware this wasn’t my normal reaction state We hadn’t even decided we truly wanted it - just an offer as we discussed and agree to.

I had a terrible nights sleep and I kept feeling and saying to myself .....what the hell is going on with you. I haven t felt like this in a very long time.!

I used alllll my tools as always and the next morning I felt much more aligned.

First step - for us all , regardless of what’s presenting , feel your energies. Own them. What are you feeling? Can you shift / raise them. Balance , breathe , make no choices , don’t speak until you know you’re back in ‘your ‘ known grounded aligned state. Solar plexus reaction equals inner fear.

I knew this - violet flamed frequently - no constantly not out of fear though 😉💜, and knew I had to take back my mastery of emotions within me. Emotions not based in peace equal ego fear in play.

Next .... feel the situation. The agent had presented before me and could only present as I had allowed or invited her into my reality.

Here was a Karmic moment / opportunity of Re-balance.

My Truth and knowing from what had been displayed and received was this was her game of coercion , lies and deception in play. The agents fear.

I looked at myself absolutely and knew neither my husband or me had entertained any such energies. I am so conscious always oh Truth. I have so learned. But this was an old pattern fir me if long ago. I could lie , did manipulate , fear I lived every day of every moment. I remembered this and again transmuted all energies that may still be in existence within me choosing to consciously transmute across all timelines of existence for me.

As Ive come to understand also ,where I use to blame myself for not knowing better or for falling backward on my journey , I choose to release those old patterns too that I am always wrong or again got or did it wrong , instead Now realising it is actually .......

the diamond light I’ve created within ME shining like a torch 🔦 upon the others souls shadow aspects!!

This is truly important to remember as it frees you instantly. You can see the Truth ,the game , the energetic Re-balancing opportunity. Yes?! Keep searching and owning all that you are deep within - here the Truth sets You Free in all ways on every level !! 🙏

In knowing and acknowledging this I instantly felt the shift again within me , calmer , more true power , stronger.

When you recognise and gain a moment of Truth - you simply just know. There is no doubt and you feel instantly lighter. Clarity and and vision and Truth rise within you. 😉💜

So.....I knew it was time for me to step up and speak ! I called and asked for info,more details and asked to inspect the property. I was told no. 😳 (test!) remain calm.

If we speak ( masculine ) from fear / ego we will raise our voice , argue , demand , frustration , get angry etc and it’s truthfully a no win outcome. Ever !

When we engage our divine feminine and masculine in divine balance they walk as one - she ( goddess) is strong and assertive in her absolute knowing of the Truth and the lack of in the game moment and he ( warrior ) stands firm and tall in true power and speaks from love that is Truth calmly , but firmly in the moment. Lovevas Truth is knowing what is absolutely not ok. Seeing and feeling all imbalanced energies.

That moment was for me

a/ the opportunity to stand in my power once again with this soul as I had recognised in a past life dalliance I had allowed her to take my power however that was. Now was my opportunity for Karmic Re-balance , reclaim , stand up and to be free and

b/ her souls opportunity to hear the Truth I speak , recognize and challenge herself to all her lower energy aspects presented in our encounter affording her the opportunity for energetic growth and shift back into more loving based frequencies. But that’s her ultimate choice ! Not mine to enforce. 😉

And so I chose to speak. To state clearly the ‘game’ at hand and that this was not ok. I spoke to her of fear in general and how fear operates and how the actions of lies and deception stem from fear. And that what we indeed fear we create in her world. Its not about finger Pointing to others - as ego will always go into defense of itself. The heart and Truth are firm but lead and guide towards the opportunity. I spoke however of how i felt - I felt the deception and lies in play and how this was not ok and I wanna not aligning to it. This is your Truth. How ‘they ‘ react or respond is their choice and not for us to see they get the teaching. That would be our ego vs their ego.

Its been a week on constantly ‘seeing’ her trying to device me as I consciously kept amping up the violet and the ray of love. I surrounded and created a web of love through the ground and all around the house containing to illuminate all shadow elements. My light was irritating to her ego. She became very helpful to my every question but it was still based from fear.

I felt stronger and stronger deep within - not in overpowering her. I have been sending her and the owners love at the highest level all week as all 3 were engaged in the same frequencies. My husband has seen his lessons and I am now showing him how to break his old patterns of beating himself up.

Me - I am becoming clearer and clearer and more calm and the joy of the original moment of the house is returning within me.

I could have walked away , but my heart kept calling me back to the house. I know there are other higher contracts waiting with the neighbours in the future.

I have thanked each and every soul for the greater moment that gave me and I thanked me too for again daring to stand up to all and be All that I Am. Fulfilling my contract to me and all.

What I also recognised was though how our perceptions so affect the reality we see.

I kept taking myself back to the first time I saw the house. I remember I felt joy and happiness , could see past the obvious to the greater plans I could make and saw a little dog 🐕 running around. Felt good.

The day I was ‘allowed ‘ to view the property again how different it felt. Everything appeared darker and dirtier than I remembered.

I went home feeling this out and realised it was the energies of my dirty thoughts and feelings I’d experienced that were creating this fog I was viewing everything through.

Wow. We never stop teaching ourselves and learning. Again I chose to shift and transmute all that I’d recognise , cut and release and bring the higher light in. I surrendered. I knew what I physically had to do and went about it all. All flowed for us.

We went back yesterday , me absolutely in love and authentic god/ goddess power and the house looked different test again. My feeling is it is ours and waiting but just a few things to ‘raise’ first. 😉in all ways.

I thanked the land , the neighbours all who were part of this greater journey.

As I said earlier- no random people enter your world. We create with all souls in every moment. I know if I had let my fear rule me this situation would have got uglier , or if we pulled straight out in fear excusing it all through words and justifications ,I would simply recreate another Opportunity for me in the next house purchase. That’s how it operates.

Ego always wants to run away in some shape or form - hoping for something easier or better somewhere , something or some bring elsewhere. It will never stand tall or strong. It simply can’t.

It’s not about the world outside and people in it , it’s us !

It’s only ever us and our world is all about us as we are in every moment creating the world we see. And every one we ‘see’ is an extension of us 😉💜💕💫🗡

I do hope this helps.

Thanks to those of you who took the time to read , I so appreciate it as I do love to write my Truths as gifts and offerings to all , and in Truth they take much of my physical and personal time.

Love light and blessings to all.


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