The Truth Will Set You Free Part 2

Part 2 ( heads up a little long )

As I wrote yesterday these words are truly all powerful and the key to reclaiming your sovereignty and energetic soul birthright of true authentic power.

The energetic chakra where your Truth and Power lies is within your throat chakra. This chakra will play a major role not only in your awakening period but throughout the energies of 5d

The throat is a very ‘physical ‘ chakra so we can relate to as we use it to speak ( our thoughts too ) and as we know our words are all powerful. 😉

However metaphysically its a huge chakra. It is at your highest level the energy of ‘Thy will be done ‘ , full trust and surrender frequencies!

It’s your ‘choice ‘ chakra - all that you choose to think , say , and do stems from here. It’s a predominantly masculine based energy chakra due to those action states above. ‘Choosing / actioning ‘ is a masculine based frequency.

To speak our ‘truth’ in physical is an interesting moment and for most a fear based option. It can take great courage and strength ( positive masculine ) to be able to say or do all that you feel ( feminine) you truly want to. Many speak and say all that they want to every day but it is not the ‘Truth ‘ as it is not based from love , trust and surrender and instead from a lesser frequency or ego need.

Much spoken is of the lower ego ie ; opinions , words from imbalanced power such as aggression, anger , dominating , overpowering , controlling , all fear based energy conditions. Old paradigms of what Truth or power was thought to be. It was allowed and supported for ooo’s of years because this was the game of duality we came to partake and create in.

All the ‘old fear based ‘ energies ceased completely in 2011 when the codes of love were turned back on in Gaia in readiness for the great transition homeward to the new age of Aquarius/ 5d earth. 🙏 The new earth based completely in love and all qualities / energies of such. Since that moment of 11:11:11 the global frequencies of much in physical has been shaking , rattling and breaking down at the individual and global level as all that is based in fear is simply not supported any more.

Remember from Part 1 , I said ‘Truth is Love ‘ ?

Heart Truth as referred to the image posted and ego truth are 2 very different frequencies.

Truth that is love based is all that truly counts , and as we each choose to and own and absolve all our fears back towards the hearts vibration through love , acceptance , and forgiveness , our vibration rises.

Each time we transmute any fear, a layer or part thereof of ‘fog ‘ or a veil of non Truth that lay across our third eye 👁 is lifted. The more the more fear we shift and transform the more layers we lift off giving us greater clarity and greater vision and ability to look at all we witness through the eyes of love.

As we continue to raise and raise our frequencies - fear has less and less of a presence in our world and we become less reactive and more responsive to all circumstances presenting before us. We become discerning , detaching , wanting to step out of each fear moment in order to truly see the truth of what we need to see and do in order to release and raise our vibration again. Recognising all those that present before us as perhaps our irritation on the eyes of ego , now becomes our potential teacher mirroring us , giving us the opportunity for Truth in all ways if we are willing. The Peace within we gain propelling us fureatd on our path to Truth.

The more often we do this through diligence to our self and no one else , we truly begin to ‘see ‘ and the easier it becomes to Speak and be our highest Truth at all times. This is the ultimate path to becoming and reclaiming our ’christ’ crystalline frequencies once again.

We are in Truth becoming clear Quartz crystals again and like the crystal all ‘shadows’ and darker patches will be visible to all who are able to truly ‘see ‘ - nothing can be hidden any longer. 😉

Perhaps as a Ray 1 / blue ray incarnated being which is all about the ‘ Truth ‘ and only the Truth , my life has seen me in the midst of creations where I have had to experience all aspects from reaction, to absolute knowing , where lies and deception and manipulation of the Truth were presenting before me.

The health system ( as a registered nurse for many years ) and the walks and admissions my daughter took me through in physical over many years presented me with ever increasing tests upon myself in personal integrity and authenticity- a systems buster I call myself as I had to step up and speak the Truth in many many occasions. Exhausting at times let me tell you. But that’s my souls contract. And I’m well awake to it. And it continues.

I know this lengthy so I will stop for now and to those still interested I will post the final Part 3 tomorrow explaining precisely how ‘ the truth shall set you free ‘ , how it presents and how it has been active in my world over the last week. It’s a big topic to understand trust me. 🙏

Stay tuned. Until tomorrow.

Thanks. 🙏💜💕💫

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