The Power and Truth of an AWAKENING Woman

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I so can relate to these words as I know many of us can and do.

Once awakened you simply cannot go back in any way. The vibrations simply won’t allow it. A self imposed veil of illusion based from fear has been either torn , ripped or shredded completely , a veil that once covered your third eye of Truth and shrouded your heart. And there are many to be removed.

Vibrations are shifting , have changed and simply do not match anymore. You’ve outgrown parts of your old self , death on many inner levels taking place and the vista of many before you changing dramatically. Confusion , isolation , now familiar feelings.

Things and people that once seemed so permanent and familiar - not so anymore. You try to ‘fit in ‘ but you just can’t , the old coat constricting , almost squeezing your life force out of you , drama afloat each time that you try. Things , places , people feel toxic or dirty , you can’t wait to get home.

Vulnerable yet so knowing in the same moment , fear running through your veins yet with an inner strength rising in waves you’ve not felt before - or in a very long time. Excitement and daunting in the one moment So many thoughts, questions yet still somewhere deep within a calmness of that knowing that all will be ok. Increasing Dreams , visions , flashes of what’s ahead , again you know somehow they are to be and you are the one to action them. Life is paradoxical , polarised yet still an unbelievable sense of what you must do and where you must go bleeds it’s way , it’s higher vibration ever so gracefully into your conscious thoughts and world. Change is well afloat.

Who am I ? A frequently asked question either silently contemplated or yelled at the universe.

But still that sense of undeniable knowing ..... things are changing , they must change , people , friends , family sometimes overnight almost unrecognisable , words and beliefs irritating and unsettling.

Where have I been ? Why haven’t I heard this before ?

Ahhhhhh the heart continues to awaken. 💗

I truly understand these initiating , rites of passage moments as I have had to walk through many over the years now.

My last , January 2018 where I chose and knew overwhelmingly I had to walk away from not only where I lived , but I had to leave with my daughter and leave my husband behind. It had been ever increasing in my knowing over 12 months , but accelerated rapidly over 6 Huge. No we weren’t ‘separating ‘ in that sense but many assumed and asked , I was questioned and knew many thought I was crazy , yet some absolutely knew and understood me, and at the same time I just knew I couldn’t remain. Truthfully it didn’t matter what anyone thought or was saying , there was just my overwhelming knowing.

My husbands energies and mine weren’t in true alignment , I had released much throughout the year and my consciousness was rapidly growing , and I chose a long time ago to walk to the beat of my heart and to awaken as much as my soul intended during this lifetime. My saying has been to him many many times , ‘you’re either going to have to peddle up or you’ll have to get off ‘

He has kept peddling beside me for many years now. My greatest mirror and teacher.

My move to a new state with a 13 yr old ready to start high school raised much within and around me. I watched a huge death spiral in the 6 months prior to our move, she was a light that truly illuminated people’s shadows. She had a difficult walk for someone so young. But her strength love and wisdom 🙏......

I just kept feeling and listening to me and my inner goddess. I was it. I knew that. My visions and feelings of the future always brought my heart joy and I could see diamond light everywhere. I just knew.

The tests , rites of passage , my faith and belief in me were many and continued right up to literally the very last minute.

I knew I had to leave to give my husband the chance to grow. Our roles well reversed as he unconsciously supported and allowed me to ‘remember ‘ , a great soul ,Now it was my turn to support him and not align to his fears - of which of course there were many , but truly support him in love unconditional.

True love is not always pretty. Its difficult heart based choices , held absolutely in heart knowing. Faith and trust.

But boy was it worth it. Flow and peace my gift of passage and of my faith. My daughter a new world , cycle , happiness and her tribe discovered 🙏 completely new and so much higher frequency timelines for us both.

My relationship has continued to change for the better , my knowing this was his creation also to now choose to discover aspects of his Truth and what his soul Now was requesting of him. He commutes weekly , my Truth ,he is gently acclimatising and integrating to the higher vibrations. His soul contract not complete as mine was in Coffs. When his soul is ready he will be here. If not , so be it. I truthfully have no fear

The future ? What’s that?

It’s only about the Now.

And our contract to us is to ensure we are willing and are prepared to listen as best we can and honour our soul purpose and mission as soon as we are able to.

It’s takes courage , strength , faith , and belief in you and in All that Is 🙏

A beautifully balanced combination of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine harmoniously walking together as one once again. Ahhhhhhh , peace and true love.

Self love. 💗💫

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