Synchronicity - Have you ever had a string of events that appeared to be random or lucky?Think again

Image by Greg Rakozy

Don’t you just love Synchronicity 🙏

Those amazing moments ’coincidences’ that just make you smile at the universe and think wow - I really don’t have to do anything if I just get out of my own way ?

Btw there is no such thing as a coincidence - the laws of energy simply don’t allow for such

randomness to occur 😉

When was your last synchronous moment that you can remember ?

They can last for a day a week or longer.

They are your flow. 😉🙌

This is how’s it meant to be all the time if we would just allow it.

Life isn’t meant to be difficult - our beliefs and programmes well installed into our psyche make that so.

Synchronicity is about joy and effortlessness. Ease and grace.

We can’t help but smile and be amazed how people , openings and flow on just appear before us , without a doing a thing !

These are the ‘miracles ‘ St Germain tells us are on offer every day. Yes!!! To all of us.

If we keep ‘expecting’ we’re surely missing as we’re most likely looking in the direction (s) where we ‘think’ the opportunity lies or the miracle might appear from. There lay the problem.

Expectation is control - you still have your strings of outcome of the how , where , when and who are attached.

Stop thinking 🤔 please !!! 🙏🙏🙏

Just start being and allowing. Tricky yes.

Breaking old control patterns absolutely !!

But we have to make a start in order to gain one little moment.

Non attachment allows your flow.

You’ll never know or feel it until you try.

It’s waiting and available right Now. You just need to to let go a little , pull your energies back from the future back to you and be fully present as best you can be in this moment of Now.

Ahhhhh. Just breathe your way into it.

Then see what happens 😉🙏🙌💖

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