Let it Go.......

The lower ego energy in existence within each one of us is the energy we align to when we have difficulty in ‘letting’ anyone or anything go.

The lower ego is a consciousness of our mind created by all of us eons ago when we chose to turn away from the Truth, Light and Love that is the heart.

It’s only purpose driven by fear is to survive against all odds no matter what Truth you may feel or know ! We each feed it’s power by allowing it to permeate our every thought.

It’s power point of fear presents through all lower based consciousness aspects such as

Needing to be heard or fear of speaking , being right ,finger pointing / blaming , judgement of the self and others , assuming , presuming , opinions , grudges , anger , hatred , suppressing Truth , any form that maintains one separate from another or from the self in Truth. It’s very subtle and it often sounds very logical and normal. Be alert 😉

As I’ve often said to many including myself throughout the years when situations arise / are created for the greater teaching for all involved , what you are holding onto , replaying , not letting go of ‘ they’re, ‘ not even aware of the thoughts and feelings you’re carrying. Choosing to hold on to anything from the past is truly only hurting and affecting us. Our churning Doesn’t change their role for us or our memory. Only we can affect such change.

We usually churn alone ( how’s your solar plexus / gut at this time ) or with faithful energy allies who’ll validate our ego moments all coming together with like energies / traits fot the greater opportune moment on offer ! Do you take it or remain stuck ??? Hmmmm ? Lower ego doesn’t like people who tell you the Truth or offer solutions or disagree with you in such lower moments lol 😆 and so we’ll dismiss them or even start talking about them in a negative way. 🤦‍♀️

We have choice and of course you can stay and play here. No problem. Just don’t expect to be happy or for things to Miraculously change.

As I often carried my anger , self blame , projections and all the thoughts I could conjure and or replay of days event (s) at no one point would the other party have a clue unless I spoke , but then I would only have further and more less than love moments occurring. Was I happy ? Nope ! When you address anything from ego , from pain , wound , the injured party perception nothing is ever resolved. 🤦‍♀️

Why? Because fear attracts more fear unto itself. Like energy must attract like energy. So if nothings changing in your world you MUST become the change maker. !

Energies of the lower ego simply cannot change nor will they ‘go away’ until we make the choice to either change the frequencies by taking the higher road of calmer more love based or neutral thoughts beginning the prices of truly letting go ie, change the thoughts you’re having 😉💜take ownership !

In Truth we don’t actually let go the situation , we are letting go of our attachment of energies to the situation or person or thoughts.

In letting go we are shifting the frequencies held within that ultimately adjust the frequencies that you are attracting toward us. And this is how reality changes.

It’s never that the ‘problem’ changes , it is your response to the ‘problem ‘ that changes your outcome.

The ultimate test is recognising when your lower egos in play and then stepping up to take your power back.

It’s tricky because as humans for a very very long time we’ve allowed the lower free reign within us. And as humans we do tend to think we’re right - yes?! Hmmmmm🤔

Any reaction within us equals egos afloat within and playing both you and your world.

Your power in the moment is your Truth and honesty that you’re reacting , then discover why you’re reacting.

Respond to your needs not deflect them onto another for or ‘any thing ‘ for resolution.

You are the resolution.

Every step you take towards ownership and self responsibility are steps towards your ultimate re-balance and inner peace 🙏

It’s so worth the effort.

Everyone must reconcile their energies at the end of the day , so we really want to create more or delay the inevitable !??

It’s simply up to us.

And we can do it.and it’s so worth the effort.

Trust me on this !! 😉💪💜💗💫

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