If you want respect you must first give it to yourself

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

photo by Tim Mossholder


7 of the most important letters ever put together!Just ask Aretha.

Everything we ever desire or wish to see and experience starts with each and every one of us.

The Law of Attraction and principles of energy we are all bound by as energetic beings first and foremost make it so. Each one of us is a magnet directing our thoughts both inward and outwardly, both consciously and not so every nano second of every minute! Each thought holds a frequency of vibration that is emitted from you and the universe simply must match it. that's it in a nutshell.

Whether you think you're a good person or not, or you're hoping to find that someone who will love or at least respect you it all starts with us.

Should you be finding yourself in a place that's not in truth where you'd really love to be , or you're finding that life keeps repeating the same things over and over just with different people, situations or places or where you hear yourself constantly saying the same things over and over such as ;

why do i keep attracting the same type of guy /girl/ relationships?

what's wrong with me?

why can't I find that someone who will treat me well or at least respect me?

what am I doing wrong?, then keep reading !

As humans we've been trained to look outside of ourselves first in order to solve any problems. How we see or view anything that presents before us is based from many beliefs we hold deep within that we were either taught, or witnessed and or believed in a as a child. How we watched our parents,act and react , speak and or treat each other and all those they contacted left indelible impressions deep within our psyche. Each memory or belief you've ever witnessed in your life time is present and an active

frequency / vibration within you right Now.

We often hear our self repeating as adults similar or same things our parents said - and we usually are shocked and don't like it when we hear them rolling off our tongue often unknowingly! But that'a why. Their thoughts, all thoughts from when you were little and more, through education, religion, health, any people in authority you were told to listen have imprinted your psyche and beliefs.

So if you were surrounded by those who displayed less than positive or loving behavioural patterns, negative or judgemental thinking , conditional love aspects, argumentative or abusive patterns, belittling, anything less that you allowed and believed yourself to be is in play within you right now , attracting back to you the same or very similar frequencies of 'Players' with beliefs and memories very like your own.

The greater picture is each moment offers us the opportunity to literally wake up as soon as we can in order to change the situation. Through us becoming conscious to what is taking place, and deciding we have had enough and in truth are WORTHY, GOOD ENOUGH AND EVEN LOVABLE only then are we able to make any small or great change.

Any start is a good start! As we begin to take our power back we come to realise that we alone are the ones who can only make the changes we require in our lives.

The hard truth is, any lack of love or respect we witness on the outside absolutely reflects the lack of respect and love we truthfully have for our self on the inside.

Remember the universe can only bring or send to us what we are really saying to our self and believing in. Our inner lack of love and respect, our harshness to our self, our frustration and anger and so forth are the vibrations we attract being represented by those we often judge before us .

As we realise and start any small change within, wow watch what happens on the outside ! Things really do start to change.

Try it. What have you got to lose?

I can honestly say it works, but you have to make the effort for you - because no one else can or will

Is it time to let a little love in ? What blocks you ?

Now there's your starting point

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