Everything you see, feel and experience is all about the frequencies you emit!!

Our frequency is our everything.

It’s not just about the frequency we emit through our conscious body, it’s all about the radiation from deep within our subconscious and unconscious where our real beliefs are totally active.

Our words where we ‘ think’ we’re ok or we’ve sorted or healed ‘something ‘ aren’t cutting it for us anymore

We must be ‘feeling’ our way with honesty and truth to the self.

Total honesty and integrity to us instantly raise our frequency- even if we are simply acknowledging we are not ok or we are in Truth feeling any form of fear. 🙏

Any doubt rules all our well intended positivity out ! Did you know that?!

Highest yet deepest felt honest Truth , which is only ever based in love is what raises all.

Positivity is a starting point , affirmations assist , until that eventual moment where you realise and feel the shift !

Trust and time your test, friend and ally.

Remember it only takes 51 percent of your belief to shift your reality by raising your frequency. A pass mark !

We can all do that!! 🙌

This knowledge was a huge game changer for me! 😉

Remember as often as you can , where any fragment or tiniest thread where fear is - love is not. And that fear holds your greatest vibration , simply because you created it and have believed in it for so long.

But the time is Now to uncreate it. And only you can.

All is well. Don’t fear your fears.

Love them into higher frequencies as best you can.

Any effort is positive effort , and the step toward self love again. 😉💗💜

Photo by Hugo Kemmel

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