Don't wait for anyone on your path. Those who are meant to travel with you will

We all know when we're being propelled forward if we're being truthfully honest to our self, We can feel it! Ahhh feeeellll!!!That's the intuitive guiding force. Sometime's it's literally overwhelming within us. sometimes a recurring thought of feeling. Equally we all know when we're being held back either by something or someone else, a thought, an excuse, whatever- but again we truthfully know.

So what stops us from following that feeling, that momentum, our true flow?? How often are we blocking it and why? The answer is fear.

We often don't recognise it as fear but it is. Any excuse, justification, logic, reasoning, procrastination has fear lurking below. It's true. It's always a more difficult choice when people or loved ones are involved and we are being propelled to move forward and leave someone or a few behind. Trust me I know!

But the truth is life isn't what we think it is. It's not what it appears to be though our physical eyes. It's honestly and only a journey of our heart and soul.That said it's all about us rediscovering levels of faith and trust once again we have all been waiting to be birthed and expanded through and into something wonderful. It's all about the expansion of you.

No thing, or anyone energetically holds you back - you do. When your heart wants you to expand you simply have to. When we go against our flow........well we all know how difficult life can be.

Truthfully, as I've said to myself and many over the years, those souls who are meant to be with you on your journey will always ultimately match you. It's the Law of Attraction in play. If not now- later they will come back cycling/ spiraling in. It's happened to me. I've personally let many go, and let me go, and dared to trust in the knowing. Yes it takes great courage some times but that's what you must do and trust in YOU.

Some come back, some don't. But in Truth I know all is divinely guided.

Some are returning within my life after years and years because we're ready to come together on a vibration that now supports and raises us both to complete a mission we agreed to a very long time ago.

The karmic player souls leave when completed, the light family remains.

Trust trust trust as best you can.

That's the journey you've signed up for.

All is ok

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