Cutting your Energy Ties is Vital

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Don't allow anyone to suck your precious energy away from you

Image by Engin Akyurt

We discussed in last nights Cutting Ties Webinar the importance of cutting all energy cords at the end of each day.

Cutting ties is not just for the nasty difficult people we witness affecting or challenging us but all beings we come across , including our partners and children as we truly don’t know all the subconscious energies at play throughout every moment of every day.

Cutting your energetic ties doesn’t cut anyone from your life whatsoever. The purpose is for each of us to free ourself from the energetic entanglements we create, have projected towards us and merge within throughout our day.

It’s personal energetic housekeeping 🙌

Most of the energies we carry within our field everyday we have absolutely no direct knowledge of. However we may very well feel the symptoms generated from less than frequencies impacting us through lethargy , headaches , backache , stabbing like symptoms, tightness , stooped shoulders and back pain.


Our thoughts are our everything. Awareness and maintenance of our conscious thoughts are paramount first and foremost. However subconscious thoughts are just as active and even more impacting upon your physical than you realise. Every thought reaches its target regardless if it’s being sent to you or if you yourself are sending the energies. Obviously live based thoughts require no action it’s out less than thoughts and those of others we are referring to here. All that you send must in Truth be accounted for as each negative thought attracts karma unto you.

The violet flame here becomes your best friend for when you utilise it and be in it constantly it’s instantly negating and transforming all less than frequencies instantly into Higher frequencies without you physically having to do a thing. 😉💜🙌

Utilise it please! 🙏

Cutting ties is far more specific as we can consciously hand back someone their direct energy knowingly with Love only and always. 💗

It is absolutely ok and divine law as every being is a soul first and foremost and is here on earth to heal and Re-balance their previous journeys and karma , you to them and them to you.

We have all played the role of persecutor and persecuted and are Re-balancing accordingly. No soul in Truth can fulfill their mission until each reclaims and reconciles over 51 percent of their attributed karma and all energies that they’ve created must be reconciled for Ascension No one is exempt. Some souls simply have less to account for.


Cutting and clearing your personal auric field at the end of each day achieves the following :

-frees you on every level by clearing energy emeshments of others from your field.

-alleviates symptoms

-reclaims clarity and energy

- enlightens and lightens you.

- raises Your frequencies for the Dreamtime and the following day.

- empowers you literally ! 🗡🗡🗡🗡

I have on my you tube channel Maree Loprete YouTube a guided meditation to assist and show you how I personally cut ties with Archangel Michael called Free Yourself Now! . 💙

If you have your own way fabulous - there are no wrong or rights. It’s only about our intention.

So why not set yourself the 7 day challenge Arch Michael and Faith set the group last night.

Please remember though this is only to be done and will be successfully achieved when intended with and from Love - no judgement 💗

I guarantee you , you will feel the difference. 🙌🗡🗡🗡🗡

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