Children have this amazing way of becoming exactly who we tell them they are ........

You were this amazing child once, also programmed by those around you whom you loved unconditionally.

What words were spoken to you ?

What behaviors did you witness and experience that are either consciously or subconsciously bleeding their way into your physical mirror and reality right now?

Are they positive or negative?

It’s never to late to change a programme or replace it with a new and improved upload 😉

Perhaps it’s time to start speaking to your inner child using the language and compassion and love you so dearly may have loved to experience and feel.

Become your best friend , the loving mother and father to you.

Treat and speak to yourself as you would a little child. Softer, more calmly in tone,more accepting and more lovingly/ nurturing.

What would your inner child love to do today ??

Is it simply time to connect and begin to view the world through the eyes of the child once again Eyes of wonderment , joy , purity and the ability to truly love and simple Be in the moment of Now ?

How perfect will it be when we are all able to view the world as a child does , no separation or division and want to play with everyone despite their colour , race , creed , utilising our imagination , seeing past what we are told to see and be , taking risks and, forgiving quickly , moving forward and best of all to be fearless and love in joy, Where all beings are equal

Yes please. 💜💕💫🧚🏼‍♂️

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