Are you really tired? Or you're just not doing the things that make your heart sing?

Most often the tiredness you're feeling is not that you're actually doing too much, it's more than likely that you've just lost your passion for what you're doing

We often find ourselves getting

caught up in the pace of life , the things we have to do , the stuff that must be done we , the people or situations we know we just have to see or attend, work , kids .....the list goes on.

We often feel we just don’t want to ‘do whatever’ and we never have a choice

This is truly what is exhausting you.

The internal battle at times of doing everything the opposite of what you are really wanting to do or be. Exhausting

Why do we continue to do it to ourselves ? Especially when continuing the patterns is causing you to lose your spark or even making you sick!

We continue the patterns because

1. We think we don’t have any other option or choice

2. The lower ego loves to tell you all the reasons why you CANT! It will even justify with you that maybe in a minute , a day , a week , the future that you can or will just paradoxically make you feel better in the midst of what you’re really desiring but giving up

3. Our doubt and fear is so great to make change or choose what we feel we succumb to the old. It’s safer , easier , we make the old excuses to justify our fear

4. We give our away our voice of power and choice to another - because we fear the ramifications.

5. We fear judgement , embarrassment , not being seen to do the ‘right’ thing whatever that is !?

6. ALL I must s, I have to’s , I should , I’d better statements MUST GO as they are truly in the opposite direction of your hearts flow 💗

Can you see the ego through all of this weaving it’s manipulative dragging you down thoughts ? Every time you ‘have to’ your hearts not in , it is it??? Be honest. No excuses they are the ego at play within you. The old .... game and storyline.

When we are not listening to our heart we are pushing against our natural flow. The greater the push against the greater the resistance and difficulty you witness in your being and world.

No wonder you’re tired 😓 !!!!

Being aware is key 🔑

Awareness equals change.

When’s the last time you truly listened to you and went against the old patterns and said no and or did something nice for you instead?

Even as simple as you were automatically going to wash up ( if you still do lol) but you just felt you needed to sit for 5. ?

What stopped you? Your thoughts and that’s it.

Some of the best spiritual encounters and moments were those where I simply listened and sat down for 5 and drifted off instantly.

I felt so awake on awaking- literally , and time had appeared to stand still My day went without a hiccup following. And I felt great ! I learned mich in 5 min and my world actually improved.

If not a lie down , when did you last do something nice for you ? Something that made you smile , brought joy , felt really good ?

These little things are so important and offer us the energies that fuel us and sustain us.

And only you know what that is for you. 😉

Try it , do it , what have you got to lose ?

Oh but what do you have to gain ?

Be the match for your candles flame 🔥 - only you know when and how to strike it. 🙏🙌💫🌈keep your flame alive.

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