And the Truth Will Set You Free!!

photo by Maree Loprete

Part 1

Never truer words have been ever said and soooo applicable in our current energetic times.

In every moment within every day our deep cellular structure is returning from a carbon ( coal) base frequency to a crystalline (diamond) like frequency once again. Our true spiritual (soul) non physical self. And it’s happening without you consciously knowing or controlling it.

All beings are in agreeance who are on earth - you signed up for these incredible times prior incarnation , and you chose to forget in order to ‘truly remember ‘ once again. Your wake up date encoded deep within your cells.

Many of us are Now ‘consciously ‘ awakening to such Truth. The global numbers increasing every day. 🙌 The faster we awaken - and not just by reading books and doing groups or yoga , they are tools only , but as each one of us truly ‘transmutes the vast number of our deeply held fears / coal based frequencies at the deep cellular / subconscious plus levels , then and only then diamond light frequencies called ‘adamantine particles’ or ‘Creator ‘ particles begin to be released from within each and every cell.

They have always been there just dormant awaiting your conscious awakening. The faster you awaken and transmute your fears through conscious recognition the release Is activated due to the hearts vibration being raised as ‘ fear’ is absolved and raised back into the high hearts ‘love ‘ frequencies. This love energy is vastly different from what many of us think is love. Often what many think is love on earth is actually undertoned with fear it’s true intention. 😉🤔hmmmm

So what does all this have to do with the Truth will set you free ?


In the highest spiritual realms of energy TRUTH is LOVE. Their vibration is of equal resonance.

Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you Free and Man know Thyself are the two most powerful sentences from the Bible I believe. They changed my world !

They are clues , keys 🔑, Truth to set you on your homeward path back into the light that you are. And they explain and offer an incredible amount of clout in and about these current energetic times.

So what and how does this truthfully affect each and every one of us ?

Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow , and I’ll bring more tangible understanding of how these frequencies are playing within all of our everyday experiences and their understanding tomorrow. 😉

For Now digest and allow the codes / frequencies of Truth in the words above to activate your inner cells that instantly know all Truth when heard or written. 😉💜💫💕🗡

Have a great day

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