Event:  Tuesday 2/6/20

Healing the Ancient Memories    of Atlantis 


 To All Who Hear the Clarion  Call !!

This event is being guided by Archangel Metatron and many .

Across the earth there are currently many many souls who chose to be incarnated during the period of time that was known as Atlantis. An era in time that became known as the great fall from grace.

The moment when those souls chose to initiate their ever descending souls energetic path, that continued lifetime after lifetime to this very point of the Now.

Many of the ancient memories are still very well activated deep within the subconscious and unconscious aspects, as energy can never be destroyed ever.

However, it is Now time to remember, release and transform all that is less than love energetically that is aligned to our Atlantian experience unto the Highest aspects of the Greater Self in order to make steady conscious progress that is our ever evolving spiritual path. 

A path that is leading us back to the eternal Truth and Love that we truly are.

Feel and discern this message deeply within , being honest to the self, as all are not meant to attend

Any concern to the  'level' of knowledge you have, or how 'new' or 'awake' to the path you may be , or even if you have not even heard of Atlantis, please quieten the ego self,  feel your way , and should you feel the pull or a strong urge from deep within you to attend, please listen and follow your intuition.


Registration is Essential as this is a Zoom event


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Energy Exchange $10 per person