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breaking free of the matrix illusion that was 3D
5D the return and remembrance of Truth

Zoom Workshop 
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Commencing Sunday 27/2/2022  6.30pm EST
Every 2nd month via Zoom Platform
Registration Essential


Healing Sounds  Remembering Ancient Medicine and Wisdom

Sunday 18th July 2021 4pm EST 

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"At the root of all power and motion, there is music and rhythm, the patterned frequencies against the matrix of time. We know that every particle in the physical universe takes its characteristics from the pitch and patterns and overtones of its particular frequencies, its singing. Before we make music, music makes us " Joachin-Ernst Berendt















I would love for you to join me in the awakening of our wondrous ancient skills,  wisdom and knowing. Creating once again the crystalline 5D temples of sound and healing

I have been guided to hold sound healing sessions for both near and far and the earth as is requested.

Sound as energy, knows not of distance or time ,but is present always in the moment of Now as we each so intend it to BE

These sessions won't follow the current trend, but instead be inclusive of each and all of us , as we intuitively remember all that we are and the important role we each will play in the totality of both the personal and greater collective experience. 

All wishing to partake will be asked and guided to both sound and utilise their intuition as impulsed, to add to the multidimensional layers of sound that will be created and enhanced through the signature sounds of essential oils, crystals and or essences, tuning forks, drums, crystal and medicine bowls and of course our voice! The creation is ours.

The sessions will take place both in my healing room in Elanor Gold Coast and consecutively for all living elsewhere across this nation or globe via the Facebook Messenger Group I will be creating for each session

All who feel this message are welcomed be it every session or as you are guided

Please listen 

For anyone who wishes to the recipient of the healing energies for whatever specific reason or cause , please let me know when you contact me 

I will keep a running list 

I am so looking forward to these creations with many old friends and new souls / friends I am ready to connect to and work with once again 

For further enquiries, questions and or to Register your spot for the session please message me 

via Get in Touch at the bottom of this page or dm via Love Light and Alchemy 

I will be requiring your Messenger name in order to connect you within the group



Following sessions there will be a small exchange of energy requested thank you payable through Pay Pal which I will add following

Toward 5D , a Unity Consciousness  Network

Expressions of Interest Please

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My holy Christ/ Higher Self has asked me to formulate a meeting space for all souls who hear the call and who wish to be of assistance to the light and the Truth that is only love as it gains momentum in the coming days, weeks and months to come 

 As we are all well aware of how the ever increasing cosmic photonic frequencies affect us individually within our personal being and world, the ever increasing momentum toward Truth for the globe will indeed have great impact not only within us and without in our immediate world but across this great planet 

My Higher Self has been both intuitively and actively  been taking me through energetic recognition and personal heightening  experiences and techniques not only within my personal world but through the greater collective also 

They have shown me the 'reactionary states and frequencies' that will be released as Truth is heard and discovered throughout the globe 

This is in no way promoting fear but loving energetic preparedness

Truth is Truth , and not always received well, pending the lower ego attachment in each and every soul

What will be perceived is likened to a massive 'death' cycle, unseen or witnessed ever before

Many of us truly have some or much understanding as to what that means having personally experienced our own throughout our journey 

Source is asking of me to offer guidance and intuition, meditative work, grid work, and whatever we are guided to do and Be, to all souls willing to be of divine service to the greater awakening plan Our network is to be a vital point of light and love to assist the masses and maintain the higher vibrations to prevent energetic devolutionary processes

The energies will be asking you to expand your current consciousness to higher frequencies activations and energies - so expect also to be experiencing personal ascension shifts when and as you choose to be of assistance as deemed by your Beloved Holy Christ Self 


  • I Am yet to receive the commencement date but i feel it is close at hand 

  • A suitable day and time for all can be organised as the souls appear and are willing , and I'm sure it will be flexible or at times as governed by Source

  • All interest please message me either via the Contact me on this website or via text or the facebook page 

  • This will be held via the zoom platform

  • There will be no exchange of energy required, only love and respect for all as One Heart One Mind 

  • There may well be service 'work' by each soul present to attend to within their own community and or with Gaia and or all nature that she is 


 That which you are impulsed to bring, say , do or read

  Your willingness to serve your greater mission and divine plan 

  Your most beautiful open and loving heart

RSVP 25TH September 2020

 Commencing February 22nd and 23rd 2020!

The 13 Original Clan Mothers''

"The 13 Original Clan Mothers represent the aspects of what is most beautiful in woman and in the feminine principle. These clan mothers have taught me to see the beauty in my sisters and brothers of all races and creeds. They have comforted me when I was weary or in pain and have taught me  how to heal myself, ............ this is not to say the men will not benefit from these Grandmothers, for the men are also born of woman and have a female side too"      Jamie Sams

Once again I am being guided to facilitate the wondrous teachings and divine feminine healing and personal transformation that is the offered through the legendary Native American stories and Truth as told by Jamie Sams. 

Not only have I been able to continue to evolve, expand and heal with these divine teachings throughout the years, but I have been privileged to watch and assist the transformation of many , both women and men.

And so I offer the opportunity of these amazing teachings once again to all beautiful souls who hear the call for deep inner healing and personal expansion.

Each of the 13 Grandmothers teachings and our meetings together this year will flow in synch with the new moon cycles, a clan mother and her wisdom representing each of the 13 lunar months 

In 2020 for the first time I will be offering 2 groups consecutively , to be held every 2nd month

Group 1         Gold Coast   

Commencing  Saturday 22nd February 2020

6.30pm - 9pm 

-  limited spaces and much interest. Be quick to register to secure your spot


Group 2  via the Zoom Platform ( Free app must be downloaded to your pc or phone)

Commencing Sunday 23rd February 2020

6.30pm EST , 7.30pm EDST

What You Will Gain 


"Your Sacred Path to discovering the gifts, talents and abilities of the feminine​ through the ancient teachings of the sisterhood "

Each meeting we will be reflecting upon the beautiful Native American teachings and appropriate chapters from the book that Jaimie Sams pens so amazingly. Each Clan Mothers Teaching per month and session is unique, as is each group who come together for the years journey. During such reflections we will be touching upon or addressing some of the following;

*the key message and teachings of the chapters and their inter-connection

*sharing and personal reflection to the relevance of the month and its teaching to your physical world and life experiences

*the recognition and ability to transform your inner shadow giving birth to all the beautiful and dormant qualities of the divine feminine awaiting within or awaiting further expansion

*understanding and the ability to work with the energetic aspects of the self and of the deeper subconscious that is truly ruling your world.

* connecting to the medicine teachings of our totems, creature teachers and elementals

*understanding the greater interconnection of All is One and working with many of our ancestral and star brothers and sisters, and the elements 

*by mid year /September the proverbial 'penny drop' where all of a sudden the year to dates teachings become apparent and transformation of the self becomes noticed and felt

*deep meditation and experiencing the Clan Mothers directly

*Gold Coast Group -  potential earth work in physical going to certain locations in order to assist, heal and activate with beloved Gaia as we are guided by our magnificent Orenda / our Higher Self to  



You will need to purchase the book prior to commencing as it will be your bible for the year ahead and forever more. Multidimensional teachings. Approximate expense $21-$24 pending retailer

Energy Investment for You personally and for the Year $420

(The equivalent of $60 per session )

Option 1

Paid in full  by the 1/2/20


Option 2

First Payment          $180 payable now and or by 1/2/20 

Second Payment    $180 payable by 1/8/20

Final Payment         $ 60  payable by 1/2/21


Early Bird

If Paid in Full prior 31/1/20 only $370

All monies can be sent through either direct EFT to me or via Pay Pal button below 



For all further enquiries, and or to register to be a part of either group that resonates please go to the Contact Page and message me accordingly. I will be more than happy to answer all enquiries


"Last year I experienced a beautiful and profound vibrational shift and expansion through the grace and divine intervention of the 13 Original Clan Mothers and Maree Loprete!

Each Clan Mother imparts her wisdom through the teachings and the story telling and the meditations which follow through as Maree offers her valuable insight and awareness into our divine selves. Working with the Clan

Mothers through Maree is an amazing and enlightening experience. I loved it and I'm sure you will too."

Lisa Wasilew  - Perth.


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Next Meeting 

Sunday 5/6/2022   7pm EST

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Life too busy? Forgetting your basic energy skills?Feeling flat? Needing a little guidance?Are you looking for a place to share and be with like minded souls? 

Then the Sacred Circle is exactly what you are looking for !


Currently held monthly via the Zoom APP which you will need to download for FREE in order to access.

Come along monthly or as a one off as required , entirely up to you 

Personal Investment $25 pp

REGISTRATION  via the Contact page on this website