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 Consciousness Consultant, Energy, DNA, and Sound Healer, Medicine   Woman
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 "The day I tried to leave this earth a power far greater had other ideas for me and clearly yelled NO whilst taking the steering wheel out of my hands !


It was the moment in which both my Soul and Higher Self knew it was time to begin the 'cracking open' process of all my unknown armours of control, fears, self protection, resistance and pain that I had subconsciously and unconsciously created around my heart and being throughout many lifetimes, all culminating in this current incarnation .

That moment of the 'Now' was the contracted hour still unbeknown to me in that moment, agreed to at my highest level, that I was about to commence the greatest and in truth at times the most testing and difficult journey I've ever walked or contemplated. 

The ever evolving remembrance and awakening as the higher light that I AM infiltrates 'ALL cracks",  awakening me from the deep self imposed slumber I allowed, into the ever evolving remembrance of my true divinity and higher energetic self"

How ironic that my intended moment of completion became my moment of true rebirth 

Over the years though I have come to well understand that ALL that Great Spirit Is and creates is a magnificent paradox for us all to awaken to and learn from

Nothing is truly what you think it to Be

Spirit offers opportunities for growth and greater understanding in every single creation we experience or create 

And So It Is 

It was back in 1994 , the year my life shattered into many pieces finally breaking down many old walls of control.  It was a year of hell for me, but a year in hindsight I am today eternally grateful for. 

It all started with unexpected death of my beloved first dog 'baby',12 months to the day to the day of getting her. After her passing the following series of events presented.

I won my first nurse unit management position, and soon discovered that I was unexpectedly pregnant. At the time it was explained to me that my position would not be available following any maternity leave I took. Not long after that my mothers health deteriorated and she passed soon after. I then went into deep grief and depression, struggling on a daily basis. 3 weeks post her burial I prematurely ruptured my membranes at 27 weeks gestation and was admitted to hospital. Trying to hold it all together and leaving my work position so hastily my fear levels were well up, but I suppressed and hid them beautifully as I continued to manage myself and world on many levels of control.

My daughter was born at 32 weeks and I remember refusing to hold her or look at her. I still can't believe to this day that wasn't a huge red flag to many ! Upon my discharge, and hers finally  3 weeks later, things were not great to say the least. A screaming unsettled baby and me so out of it I didn't even realise she was starving as I had no milk or connection.  Acute post natal depression set well in , and she's still here I believe due to my husband being able to get home so quickly at any time when I would ring him unable to guarantee her outcome. Suicidalisation ,as the medical world now refers to it, finally made it's appearance the day I'd had enough and  'tried' to take myself out of life via the tree I eluded to in my opening sentence. 

That moment was overwhelming as I fought with that invisible voice and power! A truly defining and life changing moment in so many ways . My first experience of surrender and the beginning of an incredible journey into me , the universe, Great Spirit and all things energy.

Most importantly the reintroduction and remembrance of the greatest and most wondrous energetic tool to us all , the gift of the Freedom /Transmutation Flame better known as the Amethyst Violet Flame 

 And so here I Am today, truly grateful for each and every moment of the above and the understandings and much wisdom gained since over the last 25 years.

Personally transformed in every way on every level utilising all the skills I have learned over many many years Now.  Hindsight is a wondrous thing isn't it??

It was a defining time that simply had to happen and was and still is well beyond any form of my human control. The breaking down and death of the 'old' must take place to allow the new and improved energies to take integrate and unfold. Our soul always chooses the perfect divine moments to grab our attention as we each undergo our unique  'awakening'  process.

The Violet Ray your gift from your Higher Self to accelerate and clear your path ! Why wouldn't we want to use it??!!

I would Now love to be of all and any assistance to you throughout your 'awakening' moments and  journey and offer you the remembrance of all that is the Violet Flame.

If you're looking for guidance, answers, options, Truth, compassion, a vast range of knowledge on everything 'energy' and most of all empathy then please don't hesitate to

I guarantee you will not be the same ever again !

And that's exciting