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Awaken Your Soul to the 

Love, Light and Alchemy Within


''I've learned that it's not about the fixing, or changing of yourself , another or a situation. It's all about the re- balancing of the shadow and the light, the feminine and the masculine energies buried deep within our psyche, beliefs and being"     Maree Loprete

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Hi and thanks for stopping by .​

We are Now in a world that is drastically changing and unsettling for many. Change is happening on every level within and around us.


 Are you someone like me who is seeing and feeling the great changes and is looking for some form of help or guidance, that some 'thing' or 'person' who can support and offer you the 'knowledge, the break though', aha moment that propels you toward your next step of greater understanding shift and or expansion? Even just some answers that resonate as to what is truly taking place?


Perhaps you're already well on your journey , awakened but plateaued and looking for that person who can guide and assist you to the higher levels of Truth and ancient wisdom??

Look no further

I've created this site with the aim of reaching many like minded souls like you . My intention to offer you all the many Truths that have revealed them self to me as I have unveiled and cracked through the many illusions, lies and false concepts that maintained all limitation aspects  throughout my life. 


What have I discovered along the way? 

Everything is energy! 

The Amethyst Ray and The Violet Flame, 7th Dimensional Frequencies are the Alchemical

Consciousness Keys that will Unlock all that is Vibrationally less than LOVE within You !!

Remembering the powerful potentials of energy and personal transformation this RAY holds 

changed my life in every way imaginable!

And the greatest form of energy you use in every moment of every day are your thoughts!

Our mind and thoughts absolutely create all we see and experience and effect every single aspect of our being and world both positively and not so.

Throughout the last 20 years that has been my 'souls awakening,' I have come to fully understand and expand through the many layers of consciousness and belief patterns that we are , learning to consciously recognise the lower / lesser ego energies and the detrimental effect they have within and upon us, plus the how, when and why it presents in our world assisting me to consciously reconcile and re-balance my victim and many energy blocks and health issues along the way.

Learning and experimenting with the Amethyst Ray and the Violet Flame has only accelerated my path 

and journey of understanding exponentially !

 I can and would love right Now to assist and guide you too,  making  positive shifts as I did, and creating a world that you so want to experience where love, abundance,happiness, health and peace abound.

What are you waiting for ?

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Consultations / Healings for both adults and children are held via either;

One on One

Facebook Messenger


Zoom Webinar Platform


The following sessions are available to both adults and children;


Guided Meditation

Life Coaching 

Chakra and Energy Re-balance

Chakra Sounding and Toning

Energy releases across all Timelines

Anchoring, Grounding and Alignment

Re-establishing Connections to Gaia and Earth Star

Activation to Higher Chakra Centres 8-12

Activation to Solar Christ and Angelic Self


The Gold Coast School of Light


This year I'm proud to announce the formulation of the Gold Coast School of Light.

Commencing March 2020

My aim and mission is to provide a safe and Truthful energetic space for all amazing children of all ages and their parents who are attuned to and who are bringing forth the 'light. '


To create a space to come and go as need be, to gain and hear Truth, release, refuel, and recharge in an environment that supports each uniquely for their purpose and walk within the current and more dense earthly environment 

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