Maree Loprete    Consciousness Expert, Energy and Sound Consultant  



Consciousness Consultant, Energy and Sound Healer, Medicine Woman

                      STARSEEDS UNITING
          BIRTHING A NEW AGE FROM 3D TO 5D                       FROM FEAR BACK TO LOVES LIGHT

  Returning to the Golden Age that was Atlantis &Lemuria
Remembering the Divine Feminine within both Women and Men 


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We have Incarnated to Remember the 
Love, Light and the Alchemy that Lies Awaiting us ALL, right Now,  Deep Within our Being and Soul


''I have come to the greater understanding over the last 27 years that ' it's' not that we're broken beings, less than or unworthy, nor is it truly about the fixing, or changing of our self , another or any situation.

It's all and ultimately about the awakening to the re- balancing and acceptance of one's shadow and light, the feminine and the masculine, the unseen energetic aspects of self that are so deeply buried, yet oh so influencial and active within the many layers of our consciousness, ultimate beliefs and being

Energies that reflect , bleed through and mirror unto us within all our thoughts ,creations and personal stories and all those we encounter within our world

We are Now being called and activated to the Great Awakening WITHIN.

Our unique moment of conscious awakening was prepared for and contracted to by our soul with Source itself, and the timing of our awakening was programmed deep within our DNA prior to our current physical birth

The time of such awakening form our self imposed deep slumber IS Now for many!

A percentage of globally positioned pioneer souls, ancient souls however agreed to awaken first and prepare the way of consciousness for both the awakening souls and Gaia to her initial shift from 3D awareness and all its limitations into the new earth frequencies of 4D which began their transition at the commencement of this new millenium completing their shift on the 21:12:12.

2013 being year 0 of the new age of Aquarius, the 7th Golden Age and New Dawn

The greater divine picture being the return of the golden love based frequencies not experienced since the ancient golden days of Atlantis and Lemuria. 

The return of the age of Love and all it represents

 ALL here Now on earth in physical have chosen at soul level to be fully present regardless whether they believe them self to be or not, and or if their current circumstance be positive or not so.

ALL ARE here Now to both experience, witness, remember and assist in accordance to their divine souls contract the greatest heavenly love light show that's ever taken place on this beautiful earth or anywhere else within the greater universes or galaxies.

We are all in Highest Truth most wondrous and capable souls chosen for such a mission that IS to assist and consciously create in the transition and ultimate Rebirth of both Gaia and each and every one of us here present in  this moment of Now. A transition that will see us shift not only in our expansion of spiritual consciousness but also the ultimate transformation of our human dense carbon based 3Dphysicality back into to our lighter cellular  and higher 5th dimensional Crystalline and Multidimensional Greater Self

Welcome to the dawning of the New Age of Gaia and ALL that IS 5D "   

 Maree Loprete

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How to get started and What have I discovered along the way? 

Everything is energy and Understanding energy will Be your Everything! 

The Amethyst Ray and The Violet Flame, 7th Dimensional Frequencies are the Alchemical

Consciousness Keys that will Unlock all that is Vibrationally less than LOVE within You !!

Remembering the powerful potentials of energy and personal transformation this RAY holds 

changed my life in every way imaginable!

And the greatest form of energy you use in every moment of every day are your thoughts!

Our mind and thoughts absolutely create all we see and experience and effect every single aspect of our being and world both positively and not so.

Throughout the last 27 years that has been my 'souls awakening,' I have come to fully understand and expand through the many layers of consciousness and belief patterns that we believed our self to be , learning how to consciously recognise the lower / lesser ego energies and the detrimental effect they have within and upon us, plus the how, when and why it presents in our world assisting me to consciously reconcile and re-balance my victim and many energy blocks and health issues along the way.

Learning and experimenting with the Amethyst Ray and the Violet Flame has only accelerated my path 

and journey of understanding exponentially and it will do the same for YOU !

 I can and would love right Now to assist and guide you too,  making  positive shifts as I did, and creating a world that you so want to experience where love, abundance, happiness, health and peace abound.

What are you waiting for ?

The time is Now to create your Heaven on Earth!!

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Consultations / Healings for both adults and children are held via either;

One on One

Facebook Messenger


Zoom Webinar Platform



Commencing March 2022



'Our new little ones are entering this world as never seen before. They are high in their frequency and spiritual mastery and  choose their parents to awaken with and through them to new the new paradigms of care they are calling us to know and Be once again '



Individual and or group sessions will provide the following for all involved in the journey that is pregnancy, be it whether you reach and or deliver to full term or sadly do not

Please know somewhere deep within you that there IS always a higher plan for all that one experiences or endures as hard as that may be to accept 

Growing with Gaia will offer you  the Highest Truth,  New Information, Energetic Assistance , Release and Rebalance during 

Conception, Pregnancy and Post Partum period, as well as guidance and alternative concepts for the toddler years for both partners

Energy skills and concepts your child will be relying upon 




The following sessions are available to both adults and children;


Guided Meditation

Life Coaching 

Chakra and Energy Re-balance

Chakra Sounding and Toning

Energy releases across all Timelines

Anchoring, Grounding and Alignment

Re-establishing Connections to Gaia and Earth Star

Activation to Higher Chakra Centres 8-12

Activation to Solar Christ and Angelic Self


The Gold Coast School of Light


This year I'm proud to announce the formulation of the Gold Coast School of Light.

Commencing March 2022

My aim and mission is to provide a safe and Truthful energetic space for all amazing children of all ages and their parents who are attuned to and who are bringing forth the 'light. '


To create a space to come and go as need be, to gain and hear Truth, release, refuel, and recharge in an environment that supports each uniquely for their purpose and walk within the current and more dense earthly environment